How to install kwkvu

If you’ve not already downloaded a copy of kwkvu, you can grab your free copy from our home page.

  1. In the admin section of your site, click the Plugins menu item
  2. Click the Add New button at the top of the screen
  1. When the new screen loads, click the Upload Plugin button to reveal the upload form
  2. Click the Choose File button
  1. Navigate to the kwkvu ZIP file that you downloaded and select it
    Ensure you upload the ZIP file exactly as you downloaded – you should not unzip the file on your computer
  1. Click the Install Now button to start uploading kwkvu to your site
  1. After a few moments, the upload should complete and a new screen will open. Click the Activate Plugin button
  1. It should only take a few seconds to activate kwkvu and then you’ll be returned to the Plugins screen where you’ll see kwkvu among your list of active plugins