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So, your page looks fab in the desktop preview, it also looks great in the preview mobile mode, but what is it REALLY like when viewed on a device?

Is everything where you expect it to be? Has anything disappeared or been cut off? Are all the colors similar to what you expect?

And, of course, it’s not just what it looks like, but how the page performs on mobile too.

We all KNOW that checking our pages on mobile is an essential part of the blogging or page building process, but hands up those of us who do it EVERY TIME.

When pressed for time, it’s so easy to just do a quick visual check on the page builder preview and assume that it’s also going to perform great in ‘real life’, but are those anchor text links big enough to tap? Can you close the pop up? Does the menu work?

Introducing kwkvu

(we say “quick view” )

kwkvu is the CRAZY SIMPLE way to view your WordPress pages on your mobile device. Just point your phone at the QR Code on your edit page and watch it open on your device.

Most modern phones and tablets will read QR codes natively, but if not, the App Store and Google Play are full of excellent free QR Code reading apps available.

  • No more having to tap stupid long URLS into your mobile browser to check a page
  • No more having to publish an unfinished page and then unpublish after you’ve checked it – kwkvu QR Codes let you preview draft posts and pages

Just point your device at the kwkvu QR Code and let the magic happen.

See how easy it really is

The two screen shots show a similar page as it appears to the editor. There’s nothing too different between them but scan the QR Codes and you’ll see things look very different on your phone.

The creator of this page really should have double-checked their page on mobile.

Fortunately the creator of this page did check on mobile.

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How to install kwkvu

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Use kwkvu on iOS

Learn how to add a QR Code reader to the Control Center that’s only ever a swipe up away

Use kwkvu on Android

Discover how Google Lens can scan and open your kwkvu QR Codes for you

Thanks to Dominik Schilling and all who have contributed to the Public Post Preview plugin. Their solution for creating expiring preview URLs for draft posts is incorporated in kwkvu.

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